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Playing & Reality

Playing & Reality

75 USD
All proceeds from the first 10 sales of this edition were donated to Planned Parenthood.

donated $750 on 12-10-2016 Thank You.  the remaining sets sold will help cover the cost of production and allow future projects

playing and reality

Playing & Reality is a collaborative print set Inspired by the 1971 book of the same title, Playing & Reality draws on psychoanalyst D.W.Winnicotts notions surrounding transitional phenomena and the power of human-object relationships in three fictional case studios(Gallagher) and five original images (Wackers). Sets contain five double-sided posters sleeved in a hand stamped folder and are intended to function dually as unbound pamphlets and/or displayable objects.

Limited edition five page loose bound portfolio. 
Offset litho prints double sided
text by Leigh Gallagher
Images by paul wackers 

edition size 100 each one hand signed and numbered by both leigh and paul

2016 nyc